Samsung Sonoace R3

Hersteller / Manufacturer: Samsung

Modell / Model: Sonoace R3

Sonden / Probes: PB-TZCN2-8, PB-TZEVN4-9, PB-TZC2-8,  PB-TZC2-4/20, PB-TZEC4-9, PB-TZC2-5, PB-TZLN5-12, PB-TZLN5-12/40, PB-TZL5-12/60, PB-TZEVN4-9, PB-TZC2-8, PB-TZLE5-12, PB-TZLV2-5/180

Fachrichtung / Specialism: Compact – OB, General Imaging, Vascular, Emergency Room

Zustand / Condition: Used, very good

Beschreibung / Description:

The SAMSUNG SONOACE R3 is a portable ultrasound machine noted for its versatility and ease-of-use. Thanks to its compact size and powerful diagnostic capabilities, it is a great choice for a multitude of different specialisms. These include: general imaging, emergency room, vascular and obstetrics.

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