Toshiba Xario XG

Hersteller / Manufacturer: Toshiba

Modell / Model: Xario XG

Sonden / Probes: PC-20M, PC-50M, PET-510MB, PET-511BTM, PET-512MC, PVT-382, PVT-375MV, PVT-575MV, PVT-675MV, PVT-681MV, PLT-1204MV, PVT-350BTP, PVT-745BTV, PVT-745BTH, PLT-705BTH, PLT-705BTF, PST-25BT, PST-30BT, PST-50AT, PST-65AT, PVT-745BTF, PVT-770T, PVT-661VT, PVT-712BT, PVT-674BT, PVT-382BT, PVT-375BT, PLT-1202s, PLT-604AT, PLT-704SBT, PLT-704AT, PLT-805AT, PLT-1204BX, PLT-1204BT

Fachrichtung / Specialism: Shared-Service, cardiology, OB/GYN

Zustand / Condition: Used

Beschreibung / Description:

The Toshiba Xario XG is an ultrasound machine which offers an ergonomic experience for the user, with comfort and practicality, along with high-end display, making the machine a good all-round choice for your practice. You can customize the Xario XG to meet your needs, whether those be Obstetrics, MSK, Gynaecology, Vascular, Urology or Cardiology. 

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