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BK Medical Flex Focus


Product details:

Manufacturer: BK Medical

Model: Flex Focus

Compatible Probes: 5P1, X18L5s, 8816, 10L2w, I14C5T, T7P2m, 14L3e, 18L5s, 8666-RF, I12C4f, 5C1e, 5P1e, 2052, 20R3, 8863, N11C5s, 8862, N13C5, 6C2, 8820e, 8823, 8830, E11C3b, E13C2, 8667, 8838, X14L4, 8848, E14CL4b, E10C4, 8819, 13L4w, 9C2, 18L5, 8870, 8809, I12C5, 8815, 8824, I12C5b, I12C5b, 14L3, 8670, 8811, 8L2, 8808e, 8818, E14C4t, 8826, 6C2s, X12C4

Specialism: Urology

Condition: Used


The BK Medical Flex Focus is a highly-specialized machine for use in urology. Featuring state-of-the-art probes, it is one among the most popular of choices for urology. 


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