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Are you looking for an ultrasound probe?

Are you looking for an ultrasound machine? We stock all different types of ultrasound probes and machines for each specific specialism in the field of sonography. We stock diagnostic ultrasound equipment of all brands and manufacturers, these include: Philips, GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Samsung, Mindray, B&K, Esaote, Acuson, Hitachi, Canon, Alpinion, Chison, Sonosite, Sonoscape, Medison, Supersonic and many more. All probes and machines come with a minimum of 3 months guarantee and up to 12 months guarantee on new, demo and refurbished products. We offer next-day delivery to most central and western European countries. We are also able to ship worldwide. All probes and machines are fully tested in our ISO 13485 certified probe repair laboratory. We can offer you an exchange discount on your old transducer – contact us today to explore your options.