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Philips CX50


Product details:

Manufacturer: Philips

Model: CX50

Compatible probes: C5-1, C8-5, C10-3v, C9-3io, D2cwc, D5cwc, L12-3, L15-7io, L12-5, L10-4lap, S5-1, S8-3, S12-4, X7-2T

Specialism: Shared-Service, cardiology, some OB/GYN

Frequency: 2.0-7.0 MHz

Condition: Demo


The Philips CX50 was the first of Philips portable ultrasound range. At the time of its launch in 2009, it was the most innovative portable machine on the market. It is designed for shared-service use and offers excellent capability in radiology as well as cardiology and gynaecology. 4D cardiovascular imaging is possible thanks to the X7-2T TEE probe.

The machine is highly mobile and can be easily moved between hospital departments. Its compact size and stability are also welcome features in clinical environments where space is lacking.


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