Ultrasound Machines

Samsung RS80A

Superior image quality for confident diagnosis


3D/Product details:

Manufacturer: Samsung

Model: RS80A

YOM: 05/2016

Condition: Used

Compatible probes:

CA1-7A, CA3-10A, CF4-9, L3-12A, LA2-9A, E3-12A, PA3-8B, PA4-12B, CV1-8A (xS-Series), PM1-6A, LA4-18B, V5-9, LA3-16A, LA3-16AI, CA2-8A, LV3-14A, LM4-15B, CW6.0, DP2B, DP8B, MMPT3-7, L7-16, V4-8

Options included:

SMART 3D/4D, Elastoscan, Panoramic, Advr, E-Thiroyd, Auto IMT+, E-breast, Shear wave, Realistic vue, XI STIC, Ceus Plus

Operating modes:

B-Mode Imaging, M-Mode Imaging, Color Doppler Imaging, Power Doppler Imaging, Directional Power Doppler Imaging, Pulsed Wave (PW) Spectral Doppler, Continuous Wave (CW) Spectral Doppler, Contrast Agent Imaging (CEUS+), Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), Tissue Doppler Wave (TDW), S-Flow, ElastoScan Mode, Color M-Mode, Anatomical Mode (Arbitrary M mode), Volume mode (3D/4D), Single/Dual/ Quad Mode, Display modes, Simultaneous modes, Duplex modes


    The Samsung RS80A is a ultrasound system with superior image quality with specialism for OB/GYN, Cardio and General Imaging applications.

    ORTNER Medical Solutions offers this system fully tested in our ISO 13485 certified laboratory and with warranty.

    Fully live-tested in our ISO 13485 certified probe laboratory
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    Up to 12 months guarantee
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