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Thanks to our quality management (ISO 13485:2016) and our comprehensive documentation (test protocols in line with EN-60601 norms), we are able to offer you up to 24 months’ guarantee on used, refurbished and demo ultrasound probes.

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Ultrasound Probe Selection

Standard Probes

  • PHILIPS: L12-3, L12-5, X5-1, X6-1, S5-1, L18-5, C5-1

  • GE: ML6-15-D, 12L-RS, 4C-OR, 8L, 8C

  • TOSHIBA: PVT-375BT, PLT-805AT, PLT-1005BT, PLT-1

  • BK: 8820e, 8823, 8811, 8670, 8830, 8870

  • HITACHI: 9130, 5413, 5413, L64M, C251, C715, L65

  • SIEMENS: 18L6HD, 6C2, 6C1

  • ESAOTE: LA532, SL1543, CA541,SP2430, PA240

and many more

3D/4D Probes

  • PHILIPS: LA532, SL1543, CA541,SP2430, PA240
  • GE: RAB Serie, RIC Serie
  • BK: 2052, 2050, 8818

and many more

TEE Probes

Transesophageal (TEE) echocardiography is revolutionizing the way doctors examine the heart. The TEE probe is a special combination of endoscope and ultrasound head which is inserted into the patient’s esophagus.

Discover our extensive range of TEE probes in stock and available immediately.

  • PHILIPS: X7-2t, X8-2t, S7-2 Omni
  • GE: 6T-OR, 6T-RS, 6TC-Rs, 9T
  • SIEMENS: V5Ms, Z6Ms
  • SAMSUNG: MPT4-7, MMPT3-7

and many more

Ultrasound probes | Ultrasound transducers


An ultrasound probe, also called transducer or transducer, sends sound waves that are scattered and reflected by specific materials. The ultrasound probe converts the echoes into electrical impulses, which the ultrasound machine displays in pixels.

Ultrasound probes come in various shapes and sizes depending on the specialism.


Linear3-19 MHzVascular, MSK, Mammography, Cardiology, Small Parts
Convex1-9 MHzAbdomen, Gynaecology, Veterinary, Urology
Phased Array1-12 MHzCardiology, Neonatal, Transcranial.
3D/4D Probe1-17 MHzGynaecology, Urology, Obstetrics, Mammography
TEE Probe2- 10 MHzCardiology