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Expert repair of ultrasound probes of all manufacturers and types


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Repair processing
as simple as possible

One call to Ortner puts all your mind at ease. The suitable rental device, smart logistics and professional repairs allow your business to continue working without interruption.

Repair processing<br />
as simple as possible

Probe repair for ultrasound devices of all brands

Extend the life of your probes cost-effectively.

Broken ultrasound probe?

A comprehensive entry analysis is the basis for a successful repair of your probes. With timely analysis, defects can be discovered before they cause to costly repairs.

We just keep your business running


You report your defective probe

We will send you a loan probe and organize the shipping of your probe

You will receive our probe analysis report as well as the cost estimate

You choose between repair and replacement

We will return your probe and collect the loan probe

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Your repair request:

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+ 24h express repair service on request

+ Over 1000 loan probes in stock
+ We organize the delivery and collection of the rental probe and your broken probe

+ Entry and Outgoing analysis protocol

+ Repair and documentation according to our ISO 13485 certification

+ Quick return of the repaired probe

Manufacturer-independent repair
service for ultrasound probes

Completely repaired and
up to 12 months

Standard Ultrasound Probe Repair

Convex, linear, and phased array probes


+ Lens coating renewal

+ Strain-relief renewal

+ Refurbishment and repair of the probe casing

+ Connector plug repair

+ Cable exchange and repair

+ Entry and outgoing analysis protocols in line with EN-60601 norms1

+ Loan probe service

+ ISO 13485: 2016 certified


3D/4D Ultrasound Probe Repair

3D volumetric probes


+ Exchange and renewal of the probe cap

+ Cleaning, refurbishment, and calibration of the probe’s internal mechanism

+ Refurbished and repair of the probe casing

+ Oil refill/resealing

+ Cable exchange and repair

+Entry and outgoing analysis protocols in line with EN-60601 norms

+ Loan probe service

+ ISO 13485: 2016 certified


TEE Ultrasound Probe Repair

TEE probes from all manufacturers


+ Renewal and exchange of the IT tube

+ Bending-rubber exchange

+ Renewal and calibration of the control wire/pulley

+ Probe lens exchange

+ IT tube re-numbering and re-lettering

+ Probe head exchange

+ Disinfection via the C-10 Probetester

+ Loan probe service

+ ISO 13485: 2016 certified


Matrix Ultrasound Probe Repair

Matrix probes from all manufacturers


+ Lens coating repair

+ Renewal of the electronics in the probe head

+ Strain-relief repair

+ Probe casing repair

+ Cable coating repair

+ Connector repair

+ Entry and outgoing analysis protocols in line with EN-60601 norms

+ Loan probe service

+ ISO 13485: 2016 certified


✓ fast ✓ direct ✓ safe

Our in-house expertise for better repair processing

At Ortner, you get direct and comprehensive service in one place. Your contact person is looking forward to being at your disposal, from the moment of replacement probe-inquiry to the professional processing of the repair. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and you will receive an answer in a short time. Satisfied clients all over Europe appreciate our service and the highest possible efficiency. One of our technicians will be happy to answer your questions about the repair. It is therefore not surprising that some of the large sales organizations rely on the maximum professionalism of Ortner.

The Ortner repair benefits at a glance:

+ Inexpensive repair without surcharge
+ Direct shipping for time-saving processing
+ Quick responses to inquiries and short delivery time
+ Optimized flow of information for customers
+ Ultra-fast loan probe service with more than 1,000 probes in stock

The full competence at Ortner has many advantages:

+ Fast and uncomplicated repair processing
+ Expertise and professional approach to the probes of all manufacturers
+ Consistent quality through many years of experience
+ Personal contact to competent probe technicians
+ Important spare parts and suitable new devices always available

Our laboratory technology meets all norms and sets new standards:

+ Internationally valid ISO certification
+ Compliance with the 4-eyes principle by technicians & clerk
+ Direct processing for quick diagnosis of each probe
+ Sophisticated quality management
+ Constant improvement for safety and durability