Process of the probe repair

Service & Repair

Everything from a single source

1. Report the defective probe to us

(by email or phone).

2. Do you need a loan probe?

If available, we will send it to you immediately.

3. Collection of your defective probe

After the loan probe arrives, your defective probe will be picked up by our reliable logistics partner.

4. Creation of entry analysis protocol

When we have received your defective probe, it will be fully checked by our technicians and a comprehensive incoming analysis report will be made as well.

5. Repair offer

We will send you an offer for repair or exchange as well as the entry analysis protocol by email.

6. Execution of the repair

After your order, the repair will be carried out as quickly as possible in our ISO 13485 certified in-house probe repair laboratory. Usually the probe can be repaired within 24h – 48h.

7. Return of your repaired probe

(including the outgoing analysis protocol by email). If you have received a loan probe from us, we will arrange its collection with our logistics partner.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where will be my ultrasound probe repaired?

Every repair of your ultrasound probe is carried out by us directly in our probe laboratory in Lieboch near Graz. This enables us to guarantee a high level of quality and, at the same time, that orders are processed quickly.

As an ISO 13485 certified company, we have extensive development, documentation and analysis processes that make us a long-term, quality-oriented partner in the field of medical technology.

How long does it take to repair my ultrasound probe?

The duration of the repair depends on the type and number of defects in the probe and the availability of any spare parts that may be required. Most repairs can, however, be carried out in our laboratory within 24h – 48h.

Which probes can be repaired?

In general, we can repair all probe types and manufacturer of the probes. These include, for example, curved, linear or phased array probes as well as 3D / 4D probes and TEE probes, etc.

What does the repair of my ultrasound probe cost?
The costs of a probe repair are individual and will be send it to you as an offer/quote. For more information, please contact us by phone or email.
Will be the loan probe service charged?

If you decide within 5 working days of receiving the offer to accept the repair, the loan probe is free of charge for the time of the repair or until your repaired probe is returned to you. From the 6th working day we are going to charge € 60 for standard probes or € 90 per day for TEE probes.